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  • PapaSmirk

    Are you one of our featured authors or narrators?

    Then you are welcome and encouraged to edit your page on Escape Artists Wikia. We're proud to feature your work, and we want to make sure the bio we have on our site represents you well.

    If you are comfortable editing your page, please do dive in and do so; I'll be able to see any edits, so if you run into problems with links or templates, I can help.

    If you prefer to send me stuff to put on your page, you can comment on your page, send me a personal message through my Wikia page, or email me at tcallin [at] escapeartists [dot] net - you can even tweet at me @Tadmaster , and I'll be happy to help!

    Things to add to your page:

    • links to your work on other magazines or podcasts
    • Amazon links to your p…
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  • PapaSmirk

    Greeting and Exhortation

    November 7, 2015 by PapaSmirk

    Calling all Crowd-Sorcerers (or, if you prefer, "Horde-sourcers"?) 

    Escape Artists, Inc. has a new way to present our community to the rest of the world: 

    Escape Artists Wikia

    Wikia is a free service run by the same folks who run the Wikimedia Foundation. While it is great that our favorite podcasts have achieved sufficient "Notability" to rate their own Wikipedia articles, there are a few things that we aren't allowed to do on Wikipedia itself that we can (within reason) here: 

    • No self-promotion
    • Mandatory "Neutral Point of View"
    • Strict "Notability" requirements
    • Source citations needed for everything

    As the company grows this year (adding Cast of Wonders and Mothership Zeta) and our other volunteers plot to take over the world (via local festivals …

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