Seras Nikita is a writer of horror fiction living in Oakland, California. She works at Tippett Studio.

Says Nikita: “I just began submitting my short stories for publication recently.  For understandable reasons, my family has never been gung-ho about my horror writing.  They like that I have a hobby, but they've always wished I worked with sunnier subject matter.  Frankly, quite understandable. Submitting stories and having stories published has been incredibly positive for my self-esteem and for connecting to a community of people who enjoy reading and listening to my 'gruesome, morbid' stories.  A community of people I didn't know existed, but have become a very accepting and supportive force in my life.  Internet FTW.

I know three extremely talented writers, and they all write very thoughtful literary fiction. Mostly essays. They know a lot about themes, & to some extent they all went to school for writing . Exchanging material with them feels like showing up to an art class where everyone else is a classically trained oil painter except me and I’ve got a ziplock baggie full of those jumbo crayons you get with the kids’ menu at Applebees. It makes me happy to have my work read on Pseudopod, because it makes me feel like there are people out there who enjoy crayon drawings just as much as they enjoy oil paintings. There aren’t as many layers, and they’re much simpler and easier to interpret. But they can be beautiful in their own way, if you press hard enough. Having stories published helped me realize that.

Thank you for listening to my story, and thank you Pseudopod, Dagny, and Alasdair for all the hours of entertainment over the years.

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