Mikael Naramore is the narrator of over 100 audiobook titles (and counting…) from authors including Clive BarkerWesley ChuMark E. Cooper, and Ramez Naam.

Mikael has been performing as an actor and musician since age six. He has worked in the audiobook industry since 2001 absorbing technique and nuance from the best actors in the business. 

He was recently chosen to narrate prolific playwright and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Robert Ardrey’s seminal Nature of Man series which includes the international best-sellers African Genesis and The Territorial Imperative, titles which reportedly had a very heavy influence on Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick in their development of 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as Kubrick’s adaptation of A Clockwork Orange.

Mikael is also an active writer, musician and recording artist, having scored the soundtrack to an independent short film, produced and engineered critically acclaimed rock records, and written, performed and recorded several "silly little lo-fi rock songs" of his own.  He currently resides in the wild and scenic Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland, Oregon with his wife, two small boys and their beloved Golden Retriever.

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