Matthew Bey is a writer and editor living in Austin, Texas. He has a number of short stories in science fiction, horror, and fantasy anthologies. Matthew Bey's writing runs the gamut from absurdly comic to dark and terrifying. His short stories have appeared in Black Gate Magazine, Town Drunk, Pseudopod, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and many other venues.

Matthew Bey was born in Minnesota and grew up in Wisconsin. The formative years of his life were spent exploring the back channels of the Wisconsin River, only a little upstream of the stomping grounds of August Derleth and Clifford D. Simak. By the time he entered high school, his family had moved to Madison, the notoriously liberal and artsy capital. Through high school and later the University of Wisconsin, Matthew Bey learned the ways of GenX slacker cafe culture.

In 1998, Matthew Bey left Madison on a continent-spanning motorcycle tour with no intention of coming back. He did, but not before wintering in Austin and making connections with that capital city’s GenX slacker culture. In 2001, Matthew Bey returned to Austin, by way of a canoe trip down the Mississippi River.

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