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Laura Hobbs works in infosec by day and is a random crafter by night. Twitter is her social media of choice, and she despises the word “cyber”. When asked nicely, she sometimes reads things for people on the internet. You can find her online at SOAPTURTLE.NET

Laura read:

Apex by Lauren M. Roy for PodCastle miniature episode 57.

Captain Random Seeking Captain Random by Vylar Kaftan for PodCastle episode 240.

Growing Up Human by Claudine Griggs for Escape Pod episode 401.

The Easily Forgotten by Phillip M. Roberts for Pseudopod episode 348.

Four Views of the Big Cigar in Winter by Charlie Bookout for Pseudopod episode 369.

A Struggle Between Rivals Ends Suprisingly by Oliver Buckram for Escape Pod episode 457.

The Devil In Rutledge County by Victoria Hoke for Pseudopod episode 489.

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