Jen Finelli is a professional author, content-consultant, and ghost-writer deeply in love. Because she is also a med student, and doctors are weird, she tries to write things that make people leak bodily fluids. Like tears of hope. Or “OMG-THAT-WAS-AWESOME-I-JUST-WET-MY-PANTS.” Or the inspired sweat of fighting for what matters.

Explosive things, kind superheroes, crude secret agents, sparkly fairies, biochemistry, guns, facts, and offensive gods show up in her pages, and sometimes that gets her published or gets her money or gets her in trouble. If you want to get to know her a little, or tell her about the things YOU like, you should follow her on twitter. You’ll get a free short story if you do.

Jen's story Brain Worms and White Whales was read by J.S. Arquin for Escape Pod episode 518.

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