Eric Czuleger lives in Los Angeles where he is a resident playwright and founding member of the Coeurage Theatre Company as well as a Media Journalist for He writes for screens both big and small as much as he possibly can.

He was a playwright for years before he joined the Peace Corps. He lived in the town of Bajram Curri, Albania, where he taught High School English in 2013. He finished Peace Corps service in Northern Albania in 2013 and tries to travel in and out of the states as much as he can.

Eric is the author of Immortal L.A., a series of short weird fiction about a big weird city, and its sci fi sequel  Eternal L.A. He has collaborated with audio artist Joe Calarco on an audio prequel to this series entitled Ignited L.A. And there is also the forth coming Farnoosh a stand alone novel about The Iranian Revolution, Genies, and reality television. All are available on Amazon or through his website.

Eric has had two stories featured on Pseudopod:

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