Man of Words

Alasdair Stuart is the owner of Escape Artists, Inc., as well as host of PseudoPod and co-host of Escape Pod.

His work has appeared in the Guardian, How It Works, the Fortean Times, Sci Fi Now and Neo. He also blogs for SFX and Bleeding Cool[1], not to mention his personal blog, The Man of Words. In 2012 he published "The Pseudopod Tapes Vol 1: Not the end of the world, just the end of the year" - a collection of his outros from a year of Pseudopod episodes.

"The first podcast I ever remember listening to all the way through was the first episode of Escape Pod. It took 25 minutes to download onto my pea green imac from a dialup line that I had to plug into the phone socket.

The second podcast I can remember listening to was episode 1 of Pseudopod. And that was the point I realized I was, despite my epic spaceship love, probably a horror guy." in an interview by Sandra Odell.

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